Who eat’s like JAGGER?


I have recently visited this new resto in Odense which is situated beside the tourist center inside the walking street. It is actually called JAGGER which is literally means, *jagg ass* *jerk* what so ever. ūüôā its funny right? But anyways thats not the reason why i was tempted to walk-in in this resto/bar.

I was walking around the town looking for a cozy resto which is not so expensive and with good ambiance, i cant descide as if there is hundreds of restaurant in the Odense which has very nice concept. Anyway im hungry my little boy was also hungry after few hours of swimming. We wanna have something to eat. I have this habit which i like to try new resto and write about it afterwards. And its almost like free advertisement for the owner, but its just my hobby. Nothing harm happened.:)

By the way, this one is new and ive never heard about it before.I get curios and bit excited, i have try a lot of restaurants and if you wonder i dont blog them all because i have certained standards in order for me to write good things about it, it takes time and thinking.

To make the story short i was not DISAPPOINTED of what i have eaten in this resto, fries was exactly i was expected, its very yummy, you cannot easily find a well done french fries, not salty and very crunchy but not dry.Theburger? the burger was jagger amazing. As i can remember the last time i ate burger like this was in Ibiza 2016 and it was costed 85dollars. What the yaeh!! Many of us is welling to taste what new and whats in. Definitely im one of them, but its becoming my habit to write about what i ate and experience. I google and search what are their concepts and visions. Its very interesting to know them behind this wonderful craft. I believe making food is the best craftsman art we have inhirited from the ancient times.

JAGGERs concept stated like this *


  1. Affordable- yes the price is right, to the food you get,even better.
  2. Convenient – yes situated in very good area inside walking street in Odense.
  3.  Taste Рyes perfectly enthusiatic.
  4. Craft – yes, what an amazing hand craft and well prepared, very good street food concept, very handy.
  5. Attitude – definitely a positive attitude,handcraft carry the attitude of the food which represent the ideal sense of great taste and good craft.

The resto is overwhelming and has a good ambiance, Odense has a lot of students international. Odense is also very well known has a cheap place to study and live. This resto is very affordable and its actually very nice to hang out with friends. It fitted very well to the lifestyle of international students living close to the area.

I will definetly come back and try more of what they offerede in the menu.I will obviously recommend this  JAGGER to all my friends  internationally. Rememeber as i always says,

*What we eat is what we are*

So come on and eat like JAGGER. ciao.




Welcome to this new coffee bar we have in Middelfart Kommune. This coffee bar has a very unique ambiance inside, not only where it is comfortable to set and read books but there are areas where your kids can play and draw. Its not as big as you expected but there has enough space to everybody. Its very luxurious as you look outside, but the ambiance is very welcoming and cosy inside. The owner is very friendly and nice to talk to. They are actually the one who is serving your very own coffee. I think this kind of set up is very unique. Not many owners is patience enough to do this work. But i think the key to success is to know your customer and thats what they are working for.

I could suggest that it would be better to serve more variety of cakes, not as much as many choices but everyday should have different cakes to offers at-least one or two choices. But still i like that they have blåbær muffin everyday.

Drop by and zip your coffee at STATIONEN . CIAO





What is “Kitzchen” with Z?

imagesThis awesome resto¬†had just open in a¬†little town called Middelfart in Fyn (Danmark). It has a concept of “freshly made food” from the¬†three¬† different worlds famous¬†cuisine from, Italian, American and Asian. When you say freshly,¬†i am referring to the¬†quality of the¬† food which is being prepared with in the kitchen and serve right away in few minutes with in the guest in an open¬† preparation area.¬†I had been in this restaurant twice, and i cannot get enough with the food they are serving. It was really, that¬†can you say “exotic”. The food they where serving is definetely¬†¬†surprising to the point that if you have already a good background of knowing the food from the different country you will be able to say it was different “but in good way”. The concept of having different variety of food inside the restaurant is not new, but¬†to have¬†a different cuisine inside your own dining/¬†KITZCHEN is very inspiring and ambitious idea. Italian are best know of there Pasta, cheeze, Olive oil which is the major part of their cuisine. While¬†American cuisine¬†is well known with there thick steak, big burgers, big french fries¬†and a juicy spareribs. where in some instances you are tempted to lick your fingers when you tried to eat it with fingers, OPS!(just remember to look around if they¬†are doing the same gesture) it could be embarrassing sometimes. Especially in Danmark they always observed proper table etiquette.¬†And the most exciting to mentioned which is the exotic cuisine in the world which is comes from Asian, its¬†not only about the taste, the healthiness, the color, the¬†festivity but also its own identity which includes the ingredients.¬†The ingredients is mainly the most attractive and encouraging¬†in this kind of cuisine, which you can only found¬†specifically in some area in¬†Asia. The food in the house of KITZCHEN¬†is very enchanting , gorgeous and very moutering in your mouth every time you¬†ate it. Its very satisfying experience to come in , in this resto. It kick’s off my expectations.


There are things i keep¬†wondering upon visiting this resto, things that i might missing upon experiencing this different variety of food¬†and that is the “identity” of the cuisine. When we say identity , what am i actually thinking? Can you pictured out what i meant to say? Can you see where your fantasi brings you? Imagine deeply, think widely, think exotic, and encourage your self what do you really expect from this? What actually kind of¬†food/ cuisine you are actually expecting to come out to experience and¬† to be delivered to you¬†in this resto. Are you satisfied in the end? are you really satisfied for what you get in what you paid? Have you ask your self after coming out in this restaurant? Oh yes we did! my husband and me like to try new restaurant all the time, and we liked to hear each others opinion of the resto and the food we have just encountered. Guess what, he was so polite to say “the food taste good” but i was actually expecting more. Like American menu, it should be more enchanting, more encouraging. Like in the weekend, we Danes would like to eat steak, or beef or more meat when we are eating outside we are more anticipating of not only delicious food but could be more “unhealthy” that’s what we called it here. “I missed my sauce this weekend” some like he say. But then it was not only him who wonder, as i say my opinion like this, “yes i am actually thinking of warm suppe to be serve, with a lot of herbs and green vegetables which is only be found Asia “, especially we are in the land which is more colder days than warmer. “That could be more nicer and them to be more UNIK. How about Sea Foods, Big fish and Prawns and Crabs? this are the most¬†usual food¬†we ate in Asia. But all in we are satisfied but what he have experience. Like what they say, “you dont get everything in life” as what it is here.

Meanwhile, the ambiance of the resto is very important also. When you look outside in the parking area, its just plain open area, people has freedom too choose how to park nicely and had the control how much space to give to each other.

I think the taste of the food can be varied differently in person to person. We dont have the same taste bud anyways.

Do you have the same impression like me. Let me know, let other  readers know about it, it would be fun to have a great conversation and new ideas here. CIAO


Pictured above is barrowed!

Stuffed sour-bread with groundbeef / Indbagt surdej oksek√łd in Danish


Normally we like to eat unhealthy food in the weekend here in Danmark, i think its part of the new generation. I mean the people here is mostly eating healthy food or so called¬†“food conscious”¬†in normal days and¬†with out noticing the¬†cheat day on the weekend, this includes “Slik” candies while watching cartoons show with kids on Friday night while lying on the sofa.¬†In the other hand many adults would serve,¬†thick beef with brown sauce and potato¬†or¬†PIZZA on Friday night to the whole family. They would like to pamper or spoiled the family with good food.


This very inspiring easy made dinner meal is all in one, crispy bread with sausages, ground beef, cheese, carrots, bell pepper and pizza sauce. Its all the¬†kids and grown up wish to have in there plate.¬†This is¬†very tasty, moutering and healthy. I really recommend to you guys out there to try it. You will love it too. You can always play with different types of bread depending on the mood you have. Just remember the bread we used here¬†is very healthy as it is wholemeal.¬†Like what¬†my family said “the taste will never be boring when we experiment on it”.

Have a good weekend guys…Ciao

Chicken-Barbeque Pasta soup


This moutering soup is one of my experimental soup in my “kusina”. Soup is one of my favorite meal, its easy to cook and more delicious. I actually more likely always experiment my own soup,not just¬†only to make it look like festive and more encouraging but also to learn¬†the expertise of our sense of¬†taste.DO YOU KNOW¬†that soup comes from French “SOUPE”(soup, broth) which is made by combining all kind of ingredients that can be found in the kitchen , it could be meat or vegetables.